Decord/Widetrack: Carpets Products


Decord and Widetrack are premium-grade 100% polypropylene ribbed carpets designed to provide firm grip even in slippery and wet conditions. Waterproof and highly UV resistant, they will stand up to the most punishing of outdoor conditions, including wind, rain and sun, year after year. Originally developed by Autex as heavy-duty specialty marine carpets, Decord and Widetrack are now used extensively in other commercial environments.

Heavy-ribbed and non-slip for indoor and outdoor use

Decord is a wide-rib carpet and Widetrack a super-wide rib, both available in a good colour range of two-tone stripes.

Their heavy-ribbed non-slip profiles make both carpets ideal for indoor and outdoor ramps, steps, walkways and entranceways. Their solid construction also makes them suitable for heavy traffic environments such as garages and for a wide range of marine uses including boat decks, gangways, ramps and pontoons.