Wall Coverings

Autex’s top-quality decorative and acoustic wallcovering fabrics are made from non-woven, highly durable 100% polyester. Resistant to moisture, staining and UV fade, they’re easy to clean and will maintain their performance and good looks for many years. The range includes exhibition wall fabric Vertiface®, also available with acoustic backing under the name Composition®, our world-leading reverberation control solution.

Safe, non-allergenic and environmentally friendly

Autex wallcoverings are manufactured using the latest needle-punch and thermal bonding technology. That means they’re free from chemical binders and toxic glues, making them safer for users as well as more eco-friendly. The polyester fibre is non-toxic, non-irritating and resistant to the dust mites and bacteria that trigger asthma and other allergies.

Our wallcoverings have a high recycled polyester fibre content and can also be recycled at the end of their life.

Creative freedom with cut-in and modular designs

Our extensive range of wall fabric colours and finishes allow designers to create attractive, comfortable environments that look and feel unique. Both Vertiface and Composition are available in an extensive range of contemporary colour options and a choice of velour or rib finish.

Because of their non-woven, non-fray construction, Autex wallcoverings allow designers to create feature designs such as cut-in logos, text, borders and inlays, which we can custom-cut on request. Composition is also available as easy-to-use self-adhesive tiles, offering the opportunity to mix colours and create modular check, stripe and border designs.